Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by the ocean, especially the nordic sea, the horse and the power of colors. As a young adult I emigrated from South Germany to Denmark, became my own family, was a mother witness to see my children grow and become wonderful responsible adults and got a more mature person myself. 

For not so many months ago I became more kind to myself and got finally a better companion for myself. The tird period in my life has began and big changes are happening, It is about listening, keep the balance and the ongoing inner wisdom to be aware of who you are and how you want to be present the rest of your time on this planet. 

Quite big and interesting journey.

I love to communicate and to mediate in a kind and creative way.

First began there is no way back to be expressive in some way. No matter if the observer  does like what he sees. It ha, s to be done.

Through the last 16 years I have been teaching a lot of teenagers in several subjects, especially foreign languages, art, and cultural history of Europe.

Furthermore I had my own little company ATORKA with riding therapy, riding camps, bow&arrow and meridianmassage.

As a horserider I have always been on horseback through nature and I have been combining this oasis with

  • Horsepoetry

  • Meridianmassage- APM

  • Trekking rides 

  • Bachelor - Nordic Culture  Mediation IT-University Copenhagen 1993
  • Meridiantherapist for horses after Penzel 2003
  • Centered Riding, level 1, 2009
  • Coach from DIEU 2001
  • Instructor for Bow & Arrow,  2014
  • Teacher of Art, 2021