To Aim means learning the body to command

Intuition means learning the body to trust.“

AYU- It's all about balance

We will concern about breathing, considering how are our shoulders, neck and how loose are we actually feeling?

Are we present or stressed by the target? By every Movement sequences will our respiration change quality and we are going to use this to get more comforable, be able to feel what we are doing and can therefore change stucked patterns.

We will talk about some security because the bow and the arrow in action is a weapon.

Take your time while doing archery is a good thing and a difficult thing. But it is good for having a better energy flow and for getting a deeper breathing. (longing the spines)

So breathing- feel and listening inside are a good beginning.

We are going to do archery with 3 different kind of bows:

We will do some unusual exercises, like doing archery bagwards, from a little trampolin, with ballons and with the hand we normally not use to write or playing badminton with. We will do archery synchronically and like a domino affect. Furthermore we will do a little parcours with 6 different tasks and challenges.


If you have long hair, please put it in a hairtwist.

And have longshirt on, because the archery can give some marks on the underarm.

Konfuzius said for more than 2500 years ago:

„Tell me- and I will forget

Show me – and I will remember

Let me do it- and I will understand“

Warmest regards

Jeannette Runge

1/2 half days workshop (3 hours) with theory and a lot of archery, 60 Euros/450 Kr. per person
1 day workshop (6 hours)
90 Euros/670 Kr. per person
Week-end workshop 12 (hours) 120 Euros/895 Kr. per person
Including all materials, papers, a lot of breathing and fun :)

+ travel costs for the instructor, hosting and food
About me: 
I am an instructor in intuitive archery and do have a coach diploma, a bachelor degree in librarianship and an art teacher degree. 
Workshops can be hold in danish, german, french and english.